Top Accessories To Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Using outdoor furniture accessories in conjunction with your outdoor seating can be a great way to help enhance your outdoor space. Outdoor furniture accessories covers everything from bins and bin surrounds to bag racks, bike racks and even skateboard stoppers to help protect your seating. These accessories can help to keep your outdoor space clean and looking great.

Using accessories like bike rails at your school or workplace can help you encourage people to be more active. The bike rails can entice people to ride their bikes to work/school as they know they will have somewhere safe to store their bikes while not in use. Adding bike rails to your outdoor space also gives bikes a permanent place to be stored rather than stored where they can create hazards.

Rubbish bins can often leave areas looking untidy. When left unsecured, it’s easy for pests to scavenge through the rubbish or for a gust of wind to blow everything out. Bin surrounds are handy accessories that help keep your outdoor space tidy and clean. The bin surrounds also remove the unpleasing look of the rubbish bins and turn them into something more aesthetically pleasing, helping you enhance your space.

Bag racks are commonly used in schools for students to store their bags while they are in class. All the schoolbooks and stationery items that students have to carry can make their bags heavy, meaning that it is not suitable for them to carry their bags around all day. The bag racks make it easy for students to store their bags and saves them from lugging them around all day. The bags racks also allow the bags to be stored up off the ground, which helps to eliminate hazards such as trip and fire hazards that can be caused when the bags are left lying around.

With these accessories and the others available, it’s simple to keep your outdoor area clean and tidy while also using something that ties in with your outdoor seating.

Selection Criteria

Accessories can be a great way to enhance your outdoor furniture. With a wide range of accessories available, it can often be hard to decide what accessories are best suited to your space. Using the selection criteria below can help make this decision easier.

  1. Need – With a wide range of outdoor furniture accessories available, it’s always important to consider what you need, as you do not want to be adding items to your space that will be unuseful.
    Use – You should always consider what you will be using your accessories for, as there may be an option that will allow you to do multiple things with one product, which can help you save space.
  2. What do you have already – When selecting your outdoor furniture accessories, it’s important that you consider what accessories you already have in your space, as you don’t want too many of the one thing cluttering up your space.
  3. Location – The location of your space can help determine what accessories you need. Not all accessories are suitable for all spaces, so considering the location of your space can help you decide which accessories will be best suited to your space.
  4. Will the accessories you choose aid your outdoor furniture – If you have existing outdoor furniture, you should always consider whether the accessories you choose will work in conjunction with your furniture rather than just taking up space.


Bike Rail

The Bike Rail is a strong bike storage option suitable for heavy-duty usage with a 3mm thick tube. The Bike Rail is perfect for a wide range of uses and is child safe. The rail has a hot dipped galvanised finish that can be powder coated and is available as either bolt down or inground.

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Bag Rack

The Bag Rack is a sturdy freestanding storage option designed to reduce clutter. The rack provides safe and easy access to the stored bags while helping to keep spaces tidy and free of tripping hazards. The Bag Rack has a galvanised frame that does not warp or rust with round edges for safety and protective end caps.

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Economy Bin Surround

The Economy Bin Surround is designed to help keep outdoor areas tidy. The surround features an all steel construction with a fully hinged lockable door. The Economy Bin Surround includes bolt down fixing points and is available in a wide range of powder coated colours.

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With a wide range of accessories available, no matter what you choose, these accessories will help enhance your outdoor furniture and space.