Find The Perfect Bench Seat For Your Outdoor Area

Bench Seats can be the perfect addition to any space, whether it be indoor or outdoor. The benches provide more than just a place to sit, they also create a place to gather, helping enhance the social atmosphere and connection between people.

Bench seating used in parks and gyms can provide those working out a place to rest and recover.
The benches can also act as a piece of gym equipment for those who prefer to do their workouts outside rather than inside a gym.

With people stuck indoors while working all day, adding bench seating to your outdoor space can provide a place for people to take a break from the indoors and enjoy a time outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

Selection Criteria

It can often be hard to decide which bench seating option is best for your space. By using the selection criteria below, making your decision will be much easier.

  1. Comfort – One of the things most people look for in seating is comfort, so it is important to consider whether your preferred type of seating will provide its users with comfort. If your seating is intended for extended periods of use, a wise idea may be to select an option with a backrest, as it will help provide extra comfort. While you cannot please everyone providing seating that will be comfortable for the majority is always the best option.
  2. Surface type – Each bench seat is available with different leg types. Each leg type is suitable for different surface types, so you must take into consideration the surface you will be placing the bench on to ensure you select the right leg type.
  3. Location – When deciding which bench seating option to use, you should always think about whether you will use your bench seating indoors or outdoors. While every option can be used indoors or outdoors, not every leg type is suitable for indoor use.
  4. Existing seating – You should always consider any existing seating you may have. If you want to create a cohesive look in your outdoor space, this is an essential step, as doing this will allow you to select a bench seating option that will match your existing seating.
  5. Space – When it comes to your outdoor space, you need to consider whether it’s suitable for permanent seating or whether you will need a seating solution that you can place in your outdoor space when necessary.


Bolt Down Bench

The Bolt Down Bench is a sturdy and attractive outdoor seating option that’s ideal for bolting to concrete. The bench has powder coated legs and end caps and is also available as an inground option or with a backrest. A kiddie size bench is also available to suit children.

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Stackable Benches

The Stackable Benches are the perfect option for spaces that must become open quickly. They are a flexible and practical option with a quick and easy pack up. The benches are strong, lightweight, and designed to suit all weather. The stackable benches have powder coated legs and end caps which are available in a wide range of colours. The Stackable Benches are also available in a kiddie size to suit children.

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Wall Mounted Benches

Wall Mounted Benches are an ideal option for areas where it is not suitable to fix seats on the ground. This makes the benches perfect for wet areas like gyms and change rooms. As the bench is mounted directly to the wall with sturdy steel brackets, you are provided with an instant backrest. The Wall Mounted Benches have powder coated brackets and end caps which are available in a wide range of colours.

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Bench seats can be the perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor space. They are the ideal option to help create a welcoming social atmosphere in your space while providing people with a comfortable place to sit and socialise or sit and rest.