A Simple Solution To Create An Inclusive Outdoor Space

Buddy Benches can be a helpful tool in schools to help young students develop and work on their social, leadership and empathy skills while helping lift the spirit of another student. Buddy benches provide a space for students who feel lonely and do not know how to ask for help to sit and make other students aware that they need help without needing to verbalise it. This helps to teach students that asking for help is ok and not a bad thing to do.

Selection Criteria

As each Buddy Bench is different in its features, there are several factors you should consider before making your selection. Below are 5 key factors you should consider before making your decision

  1. Budget – Not everybody has the same budget, therefore you must decide what your budget is so you know which buddy benches fit into your budget.
  2. Areas of your school – Do you have separate areas in your schoolyard for your younger and older students? It’s always important to consider how many different play areas your school has to determine how many buddy benches need.
  3. Surface type – Each buddy bench is available with 3 different leg types. Each leg type is suitable for different surface types, so you must consider the surface you will be placing the bench on to ensure you select the right leg type.
  4. Colours – You should always consider which colours you want to select for your buddy bench and whether you have any existing colours you would like to match, such as your school colours.
  5. Will your students understand how to use the buddy bench – It is necessary to think about whether your students will understand how to use the buddy. If they do not it might be wise to add signage or conduct a demonstration to ensure the bench is used correctly.


Buddy Bench

The Buddy Bench features the words buddy bench laser cut into the seat’s backrest, ensuring the wording is there permanently and always visible. The Buddy Bench is available in three options bolt down, inground and freestanding, making it perfect for use on any surface. The Buddy Bench also has a powder coated frame and end caps that you can mix and match the colours allowing you to match your existing colours.

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Economy Buddy Bench

The Economy Buddy Bench includes a sticker on the backrest that is available in black or white to help the wording stand out and be visible. The Economy Buddy Bench has a powder coated frame and end caps which are available in a range of colours that you can mix and match as well as match to your existing colours.

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No matter the type of buddy bench you select, a buddy bench is always a welcome addition to any schoolyard. With the ability to be a great teaching tool for students of any age, adding a buddy bench is a simple way to make your schoolyard more inclusive.