Custom Outdoor Seating Solutions

Just like everything when it comes to outdoor seating, everybody has different requirements. Whether it’s style, length, or something else, most people have a different requirement for each. This is where customisation is key. Now, not every outdoor seating company offers custom solutions, but at SeatsPlus, we do. We will work with you, your space and your requirements to create a custom solution that perfectly suits your needs and space. To learn more about how we can create custom outdoor seating to suit your needs, keep reading below.


Our outdoor seating comes in a range of standard sizes, which all depend on the seating you are choosing. For example, most of our bench seats are available in 4 standard lengths, while our park settings only come in one length. Standard sizing can be great in some cases, but sometimes it’s not. Say you have a space that’s around 5m long, and you would like to add a bench seat to make the space more useable, but you want to make sure that the seating fills the whole space with no gaps. Well, then, in this case, our standard sizing won’t work for you. Our 6m benches would be too big, and our 4m benches would leave a gap, so neither option is ideal for your needs or your space, which is why we have custom sizing available. Rather than settle for something that doesn’t suit your space 100%, we can help you create a custom bench that’s length will perfectly suit your space. Up and down to a certain degree we can create a custom bench that will fit your length requirements perfectly so you’re not stuck with a seat that’s either bigger or smaller than you want.

Leg Styles

There are so many different ground surfaces out there. From concrete to grass, asphalt, pavers or tiles, each works a little differently when it comes to the leg style of your outdoor seating. Different legs type obviously work better with certain surfaces, it’s not like you can bolt something to a grass or dirt surface but you can, to say concrete. That’s why to further enhance the customisation of our outdoor seating you can choose between 3 different leg options, bolt down, inground or freestanding. This allows you to pick an option that is suitable for you needs and your space rather having something that only half does.


To some, colour might not be so important, but to others, it’s the most important thing. If you’re one of those people that colour is important too, having a variety to choose from is always of great benefit.

Our outdoor seating is available in 20 colours, along with plain aluminium, to give you a variety of choices. Our range of colours is further broken down into Dulux Brights and Colorbond Colours to distinguish between the vibrancy of the various colours. Of our 20 available colours, 8 are Dulux Brights, while the other 12 are Colorbond.

Based on the names, you can probably gather that the Dulux Brights are bright, vibrant colours while the Colorbond colours are your typical most popular Colorbond Steel colours. Having different colours of varying vibrancy allows us to offer you more choices when selecting the colour of your outdoor seating.

You can view our full colour range here.

Giving you the option to choose from our different customisation options for your outdoor seating is our way of ensuring that you get the right outdoor seating for your space. For more information on how we can help you create a custom outdoor seating solution, contact our friendly team today!