How to Ensure Your Outdoor Seating Grant Application Is Successful

If you’re starting a new outdoor seating project for your organisation or community group but are short on funds or don’t have the funds to complete the project, applying for a grant can be a helpful way for your organisation or community group to secure the funds you need and ensure you can complete your outdoor seating project. While often highly competitive, there are always grants available and are often based on state, local government area or industry and sometimes you may be able to find Australia wide grants. Applying for grants often varies in the degree of difficulty, which is ultimately due to what the funding body requires for the grant, which makes it a difficult process that will involve significant time and resources but often results in an outcome that is well worth all the effort.

The team at SeatsPlus have experience helping organisations and community groups successfully apply for and receive grants for their outdoor seating projects. Over the years, we have helped numerous organisations and community groups enhance their outdoor spaces by providing quotes that have allowed them to win grants.

Our tips for a successful grant application:

We understand that applying for grants can be a tough, difficult process, that unfortunately, doesn’t always result in your desired outcome, so these are our top tips to help increase your chances of success.

  • Always check your organisation/project is eligible for the grant before you start your application
  • Get familiar with the grant guidelines to ensure you have a good understanding of what you’re applying for
  • Don’t commit to a project or outcomes that you won’t be able to achieve
  • Be realistic and don’t exaggerate
  • Give yourself ample time to complete the application
  • Focus more on the quality of your application rather than the quantity of information that you provide
  • Don’t use vague, speculative or emotive words, be clear, concise and make it easy to read
  • Focus your application on how your project will help the community rather than the impact on your organisation or community group
  • Make sure you answer every question even if they don’t apply to your project or organisation. Either write n/a or not applicable, don’t leave it blank
  • Make sure you have strong evidence to support your case that will help demonstrate your capabilities
  • Get your outdoor seating quote from SeatsPlus

How SeatsPlus can help

Grant applications will often require a quote or budget to demonstrate how much your project is going to cost. At SeatsPlus we can supply a quote for our extensive range of outdoor seating to suit your project. We will work within your timeline to ensure you have your quote before the application deadline including any revisions that need to be. We will also work with you on installation if required and ensure it is all completed within your allocated grant timeline.

When you get a quote for your grant through us we will conduct multiple follow ups to ensure you have everything you need from us updating our quotes as necessary all to help ensure your grant application is successful. If required we will even factor installation into your quote so there is no need for a separate quote.

To discover more about how the SeatsPlus team can help you with your grant application, contact them today.