Outdoor Seating Solutions For Sporting Facilities

When it comes to watching sport, whether it’s football, cricket, soccer, basketball, or one of the other many sporting types, a comfortable, unobstructed view is the key to a great viewing experience. Is there really anyone out there who would want to stand for 2hrs+ watching their kid chase a ball around? While you might get the odd person who would do it in a heartbeat, most people would likely say they would prefer not to. This is what makes outdoor seating like grandstands and bench seating one of the most integral parts of a sporting facility.

Outdoor seating around your sporting facility can help draw people to your facility by creating a comfortable environment, which will help to foster community and even increase sport participation.

Two of the most typical seating options used at sporting facilities are grandstands and bench seating, but which one is right for your sporting facility? Below, we discuss the benefits of each so you can make the perfect selection for your sporting facility.


Grandstands or tiered spectator seating, seen almost everywhere, from major sporting stadiums and arenas to swimming pools and schools, is a great way to optimise seating at your sporting facility while ensuring that every spectator’s view remains unobstructed. The tiered design of grandstands gives each spectator a safe view of the action by combining comfort with a great line of sight, eliminating the need for people to stand or move around to get a clear view. As a bonus, the space underneath the grandstands can be used as extra storage space for anything from extra sporting equipment or maintenance equipment, keeping it safe and out of the way.


Bench Seating

Bench seating is another great seating option for sporting facilities. Available as bolt down or inground, they are perfect for any surface, be it grass, asphalt or concrete. The addition of back rest to the benches adds extra comfort, which only helps to enhance the useability of your space. Bench seating can make the perfect field or courtside seating, providing plenty of seating without obstructing the view or interfering with the action. They also make the perfect interchange bench, giving players the perfect place to rest in between matches and have a chance to catch their breath.


Add weather protection to your seating

While watching sport outdoors and immersing yourself in the atmosphere is great, the one and possibly only downside to it is the weather. We all know how volatile the weather can be, one minute the sun is shining, and the next, it’s blowing a gale and bucketing down rain, and that’s not to mention the unbearable sting that the sun can have on a hot day. All this can make any outdoor experience uncomfortable, not to mention, when you are stuck there for hours trying to enjoy a sporting match. Most local sporting facilities don’t have a covered space that can act as a refuge in these circumstances, which leaves spectators with two options; either leave or stick it out in the unbearable weather, and neither sounds like a great option. The perfect solution to this all too common problem is a sports shelter. A sports shelter allows you to build a non-intrusive cover over your outdoor seating that will provide your spectators with protection for that all-too-volatile weather and will help make your sporting facility look more attractive to potential spectators.

If you’re looking for a sporting shelter solution, our friends at All Sheds can help. Over the years, they have built multiple sports shelters right across Victoria that have perfectly integrated our outdoor seating, helping to create comfortable weather protected seating options for the sporting facilities. You can check their work out here.

Now the only choice left to make is which seating will you choose for your sporting facility? As experts in outdoor seating, the team at SeatsPlus can help you find the perfect solution for your sporting facility, contact them today.