Seating Solutions For Schools

Outdoor seating is almost a staple in any school. From outdoor classrooms to seating in eating areas and school stadiums, there are many options when it comes to outdoor seating for your school. Keep reading below to discover some of the more popular outdoor seating options for schools.

Park Settings

When the weathers nice there is no better place than in the outdoors and taking your classroom outdoors is the perfect way to take advantage of this. Two of our most seating options are the Super Seater Park Setting and the Wheelchair friendly Park Setting and both are perfect for outdoor classrooms. Being able to seat 10 and 8 students respectively in conjunction with the strong aluminium table top provides plenty of space for your students to complete their work. When not in use in your outdoor classroom these park setting also give your students a comfortable place to sit and spend time with the friends at recess and lunch helping to foster social interaction.

Buddy Benches

The introduction of SeatsPlus buddy benches around your school’s yard can have many benefits for your students and your school’s environment. There are three key benefits of buddy benches. They can help lift a student’s spirits if they are struggling in some way by allowing another student to approach them and make them feel included. This also allows for younger children to develop and work on their empathy, social and leadership skills by giving them the chance to notice someone who is struggling and offer help to a student who needs it. Buddy benches also help to teach students that asking for help is a good and more than ok thing to do.

Grandstand Seating

Grandstands are commonly associated with large sporting facilities to provide seating for a large number of spectators, but they also have many practical uses in schools.

If your school often hosts large assemblies or school events such as performances or sporting events, grandstands can provide the perfect seating solution. The tiered structure of the grandstands ensures that everyone has clear, unobstructed views and doesn’t miss a thing. Our grandstands also come in a wide range of sizes to cater to different sized spaces and different sized seating requirements to ensure you have plenty of seating and don’t run out! As a bonus, all our grandstands can be used both indoors and outdoors, so you’re not restricted to where they can be used.

For all your school’s outdoor seating needs, SeatsPlus has you covered with our extensive seating range. Contact our expert team today and discover how we can help you create the perfect outdoor space.