Simple Solutions for Spectator Comfort

Tiered spectator seating is the perfect event seating option. Spectator seating provides a comfortable place to sit and watch the action with uninterrupted views for everyone, even those way up the back. Using spectator seating over bench seating or having attendees bring their own seating allows you to get more seating in the same amount of space ensuring you have enough seating for all your attendees while allowing you to maximise your seating space.

Spectator seating is great for use both indoors and outdoors, with many options being moveable, allowing them to be used anywhere you need them to be.

Selection Criteria

As there is a range of spectator seating available, it can be hard to decide on the right solution for your space. Using the selection criteria below when choosing your spectator seating can help make the decision easier.

  1. Size of space – Every type of spectator seating is a different size, just like every outdoor space is a different size. Therefore, it’s important that you take into consideration the size of your space to ensure you select the correct spectator seating for your space.
  2. Location – While each type of spectator seating can be used indoors or outdoors, you should consider where you will be using your seating. Where you choose to use your spectator seating can impact the size of the seating you choose. For example, if you are looking for an option you can move from inside to outside, you are limited to the sizes that will fit through your door, but if you want the seating to be permanent, your only limitation is your available space.
  3. How many people do you need to seat – Each type of spectator seating seats a different amount of people, therefore you must think about how many people you need your spectator seating to seat.
  4. Who is most likely to use the seating – It’s always important to consider the users of your spectator seating, as some users may find it difficult to use certain types of spectator seating. It’s important that you select an option that will be suitable for the majority of the users.
  5. Use – With there being spectator seating available for a range of varied uses, it’s necessary that you consider what you actually want to use your seating for to ensure that you make a suitable selection for your needs.


Four Tier Grandstand

The Four Tier Grandstand is a strong and durable steel frame seating option perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The grandstand has an included backrest on the top tier for extra comfort and comes with powder coating as standard.

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Three Tier Grandstand

The Three Tier Grandstand is a versatile spectator seating option with a strong and durable frame. The grandstand is designed for indoor and outdoor use and can handle all weather types. The Three Tier Grandstand is available as either freestanding or bolt down with footrests as standard. The grandstand includes a powder coated frame and end caps. An option with a backrest is also available.

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Double Plank Grandstand with Back Rest

The Double Plank Grandstand with Back Rest is the ideal spectator seating option for narrow spaces. The grandstand seats up to 18 people and has a strong and durable frame with a backrest on the top tier. The double plank helps to provide extra safety and comfort. The Double Plank Grandstand can be used indoors and outdoors and includes a powder coated frame and end caps.

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Adding spectator seating to your venue is the ultimate solution to ensure that every spectator has a clear view of what’s happening. In addition, spectator seating is a simple solution to expand your seating without taking up much extra space.