Which Is Better For My Outdoor Space: Timber Seating or Aluminium Seating?

If you are looking for a more natural outdoor seating option, timber outdoor seating is a great option. Unlike aluminium seating, the timber seating fits in with the natural landscape creating a more cohesive space. The natural finish of the seating also means that it doesn’t dominate or overwhelm the landscape but instead blends in and enhances the natural landscape.

Timber outdoor seating is made from hardwood, making it sturdier than aluminium seating. So if there is an unexpected weather event like a big gust of wind, there is less chance of the seating blowing over. Due to being wood, timber seating is resistant to rust, meaning that it will last longer out in the elements.

Selection Criteria

When deciding which outdoor seating to use in your space, it’s important to consider the essential factors that will help you determine your selection. The below selection criteria will help make your decision easier.

  1. Need – When selecting your timber outdoor seating, it’s important to consider what your space will be used. With many multiple timber seating options available, thinking about how your space will be used will help narrow your choices down to the most suitable option.
  2. Location – It’s important to consider the location of where you wish to place your seating. If you are planning on adding seating to an area that is exposed to salt air or sea spray, aluminium seating may not be the right option as the salt can cause the aluminium to corrode, whereas this does not happen with timber. If you are planning on using your seating in a natural landscape, timber seating will also blend in more naturally than aluminium seating.
  3. Surface type – The range of timber outdoor seating is available with different leg types. Each leg type is suitable for different surface types, so you must consider the surface where you will be placing the bench to ensure you select the right leg type.
  4. Elements – When choosing your outdoor seating, you should consider the elements your seating will be exposed to. If your seating is going to be in the direct sun, aluminium seating may not be a great choice as it will heat up and often be too hot to sit on. Whereas if you choose timber seating, it won’t hold the heat as much, making it more comfortable to sit on.
  5. Style – When selecting the outdoor seating for space, you should always consider the look and style of the outdoor area you are creating to ensure you choose the best type of seating. You don’t want seating that will stand out like a sore thumb and deter people away.


Titan Timber Bolt Down Bench

The Titan Timber Bolt Down Bench is made from local Merbau Hardwood and designed to provide years of comfort. The bench has 40mm Merbau Hardwood tops to suit the harsh Australian Conditions. The Titan Timber Bolt Down Bench has powder coated legs and is also available as an inground option.

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Titan Timber Inground Bench with Back Rest

The Titan Timber Inground Bench with Back Rest is a sturdy and attractive seating option suitable for a range of surface types. The bench has a hardy Merbau Hardwood construction with 40mm tops. The Titan Timber Bolt Down Bench with Back Rest has powder coated legs and is also available as a bolt down option.

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Titan Timber Park Setting

The Titan Timber Park Setting is a sturdy and attractive outdoor seating option with a hardy Merbau Hardwood design. The park setting has a 42mm Merbau top and seats with a powder coated frame that’s available in a wide range of colours.

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Timber outdoor seating is the ultimate outdoor seating option that will allow you to create a more natural-looking outdoor space. A sturdy and durable outdoor seating option adding timber outdoor seating to your space will ensure your seating will last a lifetime.