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A G Gillion Oval


The local council were looking for a versatile seating solution for A G Gillion Oval. They were looking to place the seating on multiple different surfaces but also wanted to remain consistent and only use a single type of seating. As well as being versatile the seating also needed to be durable so they would be able to provide the supporters with seating for many years to come.


After surveying the area and examining the surfaces it was decided that the seating solution for the oval was the SeatsPlus bench. The bench seating is available in 2 different leg options inground and bolt down which provided the best solution for placing the seating on the different surfaces. The seating has now also remained consistent due to them choosing a single style of seating.


Supporters are now able to watch the local sporting matches from prime viewing locations around the oval and cheer on their favourite team.

Client Name

Moreland City Council

Project Name

A G Gillion Oval

Project Location

Brunswick East

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