City Oval, Coburg

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City Oval, Coburg


Coburg’s City Oval was looking for a way to create inclusive seating around their oval as they were seeing an increase in the number of people requiring wheelchairs at their matches. The area around the oval gets muddy when it rains which makes access to the field harder especially for those requiring a wheelchair. Their goal was to provide seating that would be easy for them to access at any time of year.


After assessing the area and taking into consideration the needs of someone requiring a wheelchair, it was decided that the best solution was the SeatPlus inground benches. Along with the benches, concrete slabs were also installed, this helps elevate the mud and make the seating more accessible to people in wheelchairs as it gives them somewhere solid to park. The concrete slabs also included wheelchair markings so that there is always an accessible place for them to be able to enjoy the match.


The seating has provided an easily accessible inclusive space for everyone to be able to enjoy the matches and cheer on their friends and family.

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Moreland City Council

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City Oval, Coburg

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