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Altona Magic Soccer Club


With the upcoming soccer season fast approaching, the Altona Magic Soccer Club were looking for a way to upgrade their spectator seating to ensure there was plenty of room for every spectator to watch their soccer matches in comfort.


To view their available seating options, a member of the club’s committee visited the SeatsPlus website to view our full range of outdoor seating. After viewing the full range of outdoor seating and considering the benefits of the seating in conjunction with their space, the club decided that the best solution would be the SeatsPlus inground bench. The inground bench would provide them with plenty of seating like they needed, while also allowing them to place the seating in a tiered structure on the sloped surface, which would help to ensure everyone had a good view of the matches.


The addition of the inground benches to Altona Magic’s spectator area has provided the club with plenty of the comfortable seating they wanted just in time for the start of the new soccer season and will provide comfortable seating for many seasons to come.

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Altona Magic Soccer Club

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Altona Magic Soccer Club

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Altona, Vic

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