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Bacchus Marsh Grammar needed some new outdoor seating for their school grounds. They were looking for a solution that would provide ample space for their students that could also be moved around as needed. Unsure of their available options, Bacchus Marsh Grammar conducted some research to discover their available options before coming across the SeatsPlus website.


To find the best outdoor seating solutions for their needs Bacchus Marsh Grammar reviewed the full range of outdoor seating available on the SeatsPlus website. After carefully reviewing each option and weighing them against their needs and requirements, they decided that the best solution for their school’s needs was the Wheelchair Friendly Park Setting. After making their decision, they contacted SeatsPlus for a quote.


The Wheelchair Friendly Park Settings allowed Bacchus Marsh Grammar the exact outdoor space they wanted, ensuring there is plenty of seating for all their students. The addition of the yellow and blue powder coated frames has allowed them to match their school colours and show off their school pride.

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Bacchus Marsh Grammar

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Bacchus Marsh Grammar

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Bacchus Marsh, VIC

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