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Cobram Magistrates Court


The Cobram Magistrates Court was undergoing renovations and they had outdoor seating that wasn’t very comfortable and didn’t fit well with the space. As part of their renovations, they wanted to upgrade their outdoor seating to an option that would provide more comfort and fit in better with their outdoor space.


To view the range of outdoor seating available to them, the facilities manager of the court visited the SeatsPlus website. With many different options available, the facilities manager carefully reviewed each appropriate option before making a final decision. After reviewing their options, the court decided that the ideal solution to replace the existing seating was the Bolt Down Benches with Back Rest as they would fit in nicely with the space and provide the extra comfort they were after. They contacted the team for a quote before proceeding with the purchase and installation of the seating.


The SeatsPlus team have since installed the bench at the Cobram Magistrates Court. The bench has provided them with the aesthetically pleasing and comfortable outdoor space they were looking for while also tying in well with the rest of their renovations.

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Cobram Magistrates Court

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Cobram Magistrates Court

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