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Greenvale Soccer Club


The Greenvale Soccer Club were undergoing upgrades to their grounds in preparation for the upcoming soccer season. As part of these upgrades, they wanted to increase their spectator seating to ensure all their spectators had a comfortable place to sit and watch the matches.


The space that the Greenvale Soccer Club wanted to turn into seating was not very wide, which limited them to how much seating they could fit in the space. The club contacted SeatsPlus for assistance in finding a seating solution that would allow them to maximise this space and get as much seating in as possible. After speaking with the SeatsPlus team, the club decided that the best solution for their space would be 2 tier grandstands as the tiered structure would allow them to maximise their space and provide more seating over bench seating options. The grandstand would also provide each spectator with uninterrupted views ensuring they didn’t miss any of the action.


With the grandstand now installed at the club, The Greenvale Soccer Club now has plenty of spectator seating for their upcoming soccer season that will ensure all their spectators can cheer along as they play.

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Greenvale Soccer Club

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Greenvale Soccer Club

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Greenvale, Vic

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