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Greenvale United Soccer Club


With a soccer tournament fast approaching, Greenvale United Soccer Club wanted to expand their current spectator seating to accommodate the larger crowds they were expecting. Wanting to remain consistent in their seating and having worked with the SeatsPlus team the last time they needed spectator seating, the soccer club contacted the team again to purchase more seating for the expansion.


Because they wanted to keep all their spectator seating consistent, Greenvale United Soccer Club opted to go with the same 2 tier grandstands they purchased for their first installation. This would not only allow them to ensure that all their spectator seating was consistent, but also ensure that it would perfectly fit into their space without any major changes needing to be made.


The grandstands perfectly expand Greenvale United Soccer Clubs’ spectator seating, providing plenty of seating for all their spectators to watch the tournament matches in comfort.

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Greenvale United Soccer Club

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Greenvale United Soccer Club

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Greenvale, Vic

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