Martin Reserve, Hadfield

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Martin Reserve, Hadfield


The Hadfield local council were looking for the best way to expand their seating around Martin Oval as they were seeing an increase of spectators at local sporting matches. They need the new seating to be a perfect match to the seating that was already around the reserve as they wanted to keep all their seating consistent.


After assessing the already existing seating it was decided that the best solution to match the already existing seating was the SeatsPlus bench seating. The seating has to be constructed at a custom height to make sure that they were an exact match and allow all the seating to remain consistent throughout. The seating was installed on concrete slabs to help with stability and provide a more solid base for the seating to sit on.


There is now plenty of seating around the ground to accommodate the increase ins spectators and make sure that everyone can sit comfortably while watching their family and friends play.

Client Name

Moreland City Council

Project Name

Martin Reserve, Hadfield

Project Location

Martin Reserve, Hadfield

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