Moria Shire Council – Nathalia

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Moria Shire Council – Nathalia


Covering a large municipal area, the Moria Shire are constantly upgrading areas around the shire to provide residents with the best facilities possible. The Shire contacted SeatsPlus as they had come across an area that needed upgrading and wanted to add in some outdoor seating to complete the upgrade.


After reviewing the upgraded area Moria Shire decided that the best solution for the space would be the Goulburn Sheltered Park Setting. The park setting would allow them to create a space that would provide protection from the sun, wind and rain while also still provide a comfortable space to sit and spend time with family and friends.


The seating in the newly upgraded area has provided the residents with a nice comfortable sheltered space where they can go and relax when wanting to get out of the house.

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Moria Shire Council

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Moria Shire Council – Nathalia

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