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North West Health Care were renovating their facility. As part of the renovations, they had an outdoor space that they wanted to upgrade so staff, visitors and guests could sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. They contacted the SeatsPlus team for assistance in finding the ideal outdoor seating solution.


North West Health spoke with the SeatsPlus team to discuss their needs for the space. Following the discussions with the team, North West Health visited the SeatsPlus website to view the full range of outdoor seating and visualise their options. After reviewing the available options and discussing each with the renovations team, North West Health determined that ideal options for their outdoor space were the bolt down park setting and the double plank bench. The park setting would provide the users of the space a comfortable place to sit and have their lunch or even complete their work, while the double plank bolt down benches were the ideal simple seating option, with the double plank providing the users with extra comfort.


With the seating now installed, it has allowed North West Health to create the ideal outdoor space they were wanting. The outdoor seating has also nicely complimented the rest of the renovations.

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