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Northern School for Autism


The Northern School for Autism were undergoing upgrades to their schoolyard and wanted to include outdoor seating in these upgrades, so they could provide their students with a comfortable place to sit outdoors. Unsure of what would be best suited to their needs, they contacted the SeatsPlus team for assistance.


After speaking with the SeatsPlus team and discussing their needs, they decided that the best solutions for their schoolyard would be the Super Seater Park Setting and the Goulburn Park Setting.

Both park settings would ensure there was plenty of seating for all their students, while the Goulburn Park Setting would also ensure that there was weather protection in their open areas.


The installation of the new park settings has provided the Northern School for Autism with the ideal outdoor seating spaces for their students to use during recess and lunch.

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Northern School for Autism

Project Name

Northern School for Autism

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Reservoir, Vic

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