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Onsite Rental Group had an outdoor space that was not getting used and wanted to turn it into an outdoor break space for their staff. To do so, they needed a comfortable seating option that would provide their staff with the perfect spot to spend their lunch break. They contacted SeatsPlus for assistance in finding the ideal solution.


After viewing the available seating options at SeatsPlus and speaking with the experienced team, they decided that the best solution for the space was the SeatsPlus Wheelchair Friendly Park Settings with Back Rests. These settings were the ideal option as they would provide the comfortable seating they were looking for while also ensuring that there was space for each of their staff members to enjoy their break outdoors.


The Wheelchair Friendly Park Settings with Back Rests have provided Onsite Rental Group with the ideal outdoor break space and has allowed them to utilise a previously unused space. The addition of the Space Blue powder coating on the park setting has also tied in well with the blue colour of the building allowing them to create a cohesive-looking space.

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Onsite Rental Group

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Onsite Rental Group

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