Sewell Reserve, Glenroy

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Sewell Reserve, Glenroy


The local council in Glenroy was in search of the perfect outdoor seating to place around Sewell Reserve. Due to the ever-changing weather, they needed seating that would be durable enough to withstand all types of weather and not rust over time.


The next step was to examine the ground and decided which seating solution would be best suited. It was decided that the seating that would best suit the ground was the SeatsPlus bench seating. Due to the durability and the anti-rust material, the seating is constructed of made them exactly what the council was after. The seating was installed in key focal points around the ground to provide supporters with the best views possible and allow them to get up close to all the action.


The ground now has seating that will be able to withstand any weather event that might occur and continue to provide supporters with the best seats in the house.

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Moreland City Council

Project Name

Sewell Reserve, Glenroy

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