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Williamstown Athletic Club


Wanting to expand the seating around their athletics track, the Williamstown Athletic Club visited the SeatsPlus website to view our range of outdoor seating and see if any options would suit their needs.


The Williamstown Athletic Club carefully reviewed our range of outdoor seating before submitting a quote request for the inground bench with back rest. The inground bench with back rest was the perfect option for their needs as it would allow them to maximise their seating around the track while adding extra comfort with the added back rest to help ensure there is plenty of comfortable seating for all their spectators at their track meets. They also wanted their seating to be attractive, especially to the younger users attract them to the space, so rather than just powder coating the frame and end caps like most normally do, they opted to powder coat the whole seat in Deep Ocean, helping it to stand and attract more users to the space.


The successful installation of the inground benches with back rests has provided the Williamstown Athletic Club with the exact seating they wanted for their club. The seating has ensured that there will be plenty of comfortable seating for everyone who attends their track meets and will provide reliable seating for many years to come.

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Williamstown Athletic Club

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Williamstown Athletic Club

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Newport, VIC

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