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Wilmot Road Primary School


Wilmot Road Primary School were upgrading their outdoor area to create a space that their students would enjoy spending time in. They wanted to create a bright, colourful space that would look attractive while also making it comfortable for their students to help convey a positive environment. To increase the comfortability of their outdoor spaces, Wilmot Road Primary School knew they wanted to add aluminium outdoor seating but were unsure which options would be best for them, so they contacted SeatsPlus for help finding the right seating for the space.


After speaking to the Wilmot Road Primary School team and discussing their requirements for the space, the SeatsPlus team also visited the school to visualise the space and ensure they fully understood the school’s requirements. After the discussions and the site visit, the SeatsPlus team carefully considered Wilmot Road Primary School’s requirements before making their suggestion. The team suggested that the best seating for the space would be Bolt Down Park Settings, Double Plank Bolt Down Benches, Bolt Down Benches with Back Rests, a Buddy Bench and Skateboard Stoppers on several of the benches to prevent damage that could be caused by skateboards. Wilmot Road Primary School reviewed the suggestions that were made by the team and ultimately decided that what they suggested would work best for their space. To help create the bright colourful space they were wanting, the primary school opted to powder coat their seating in Orange X15 and Dark Violet with both matching either the school’s colours or colours that were already in use around the school.


The new outdoor seating around the school has allowed Wilmot Road Primary School to create the bright, colourful and positive environment they wanted, while also providing an outdoor space their students love to spend time in.

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Wilmot Road Primary School

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Wilmot Road Primary School

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Shepparton, VIC

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